Case Studies

Case Studies

Real-world Success Stories

Pre-Transaction Due Diligence

A private equity investor seeking to make a substantial investment in a Singapore-based fintech start-up commissioned pre-deal due diligence into the company and its key management. The findings included unfair sales practices, misleading sales projections, high attrition rates, and conflict in the top management due to the overbearing personality of a co-founder.

Validating Bribery Allegations

An institutional investor seeking to understand the extent of bid collusion and kickbacks in the O&G sector in a certain Asian country that involves state-owned entities. The investigation determined kickbacks as a systemic problem across all levels affecting various departments. Our discreet inquiries revealed the modus operandi and the value and form of benefits that are commonly exchanged.

Political Connections

A client commissioned an investigation to verify the political exposure of a family-owned real estate company with a presence across Southeast Asia. Discreet inquiries revealed deep connections between the family and a high-profile politician in a Southeast Asian country. This relationship has benefitted the company in securing financial aid, land parcels for its projects, and overcoming regulatory roadblocks in exchange for bribes.

Financial misconduct by a senior executive

Fullcircle was tasked to investigate the extent of the involvement of a senior executive in financial mismanagement in a Singapore-listed company. Discreet interviews confirmed the subject's involvement in fund misuse, record falsification, and noncompliance with legal and regulatory standards within the company. Sources with first-hand knowledge revealed that the subject was under pressure from the top management to propagate these activities.

Pre-IPO due diligence

Engaged to conduct comprehensive due diligence on a real estate conglomerate in India focusing on compliance and reputational track record before its planned IPO. The company is successfully listed.